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Nobody Owes You A Read


I ran into a guy I was briefly talking to last year and asked if he wanted to hang out sometime and he was super into it and gave me his number I literally feel like throwing up I’ve never done that before and he’s so beautiful omg okay bye

I feel like every time I speak to another girl—like, honestly speak about what our plans are and what we want for our futures—there’s this extreme hesitancy to verbalize our actual goals. We exchange embarrassed smiles, and shrug as if to say, “This is dumb, but…,”and couch our plans in “maybe’s” and “I don’t know’s,” like we’re apologizing for having dreams. I’m so over it.

I want to get in the habit of stating my goals clearly and without apology, of speaking without any backtracking. I’m over trying to balance the desire to openly say, “I want this” with making those desires palatable to whoever is listening. Honestly, and I mean HONESTLY: why should I give a shit about other peoples’ opinions? No, seriously, what am I supposed to do with an opinion? How am I going to pay my bills/further my career goals/attain my own happiness with the opinions of people who literally mean nothing to me? Why am I voluntarily handing influence to people who should otherwise have none? Where did I learn to do this?? There are so many obstacles facing me already, my own confidence shouldn’t be one.


Life in Pictures: Solange Knowles

For the latest edition of “Life in Pictures,” the 28-year-old singer allowed photographer Charlotte Hornsby to follow her around for four days, as she headed to an Airbnb rental in the Louisiana countryside to work on her upcoming album, then traveled to another one in Austin for SXSW.

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The Official Home of Mediocre Screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe » WANT TO WRITE A SCRIPT IN SIX WEEKS?

Straight Down Low is a neo-noir set in the inner city— A shrewd high school detective must solve a curious gangland crime to protect the girl he loves.

Director: Zach Wechter | Written by: Jack Seidman and Zach Wechter
Producer: Aubrey Davis | Director of Photography: Mishka Kornai
Starring: Shamar Sanders, Danièle Watts, Jules Theodore, Matias Ponce

Basically, if Nancy Drew was a black kid from the inner city. This short is interestingly shot and pretty engaging, check it out!